Benefits of lemon: All about the lemon

Benefits of lemon

Benefits of lemon: Lemon is a fruit in which Vitamin C is found in abundance Lemon juice is sour. Lemon juice has advantages as well as disadvantages. Its fruit is round in shape. Lemon fruit is consumed more in summers because it is a cold fruit.

Nutrition in lemon

Many nutrients are found in lemon fruit. Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber are prominent in these. Citric acid is also found in lemon. Lemon is used as a salad or lemonade. Its taste is also enhanced by adding lemon juice to the vegetable. Stains and stains on clothes can also be removed with lemon juice.

Which country produces the most lemons?

India is the largest producer of lemon fruit in the whole world. Lemon plant can be grown in any type of soil. The best soil is loamy soil. The pH level of the soil is 5.5 to 7.5. Lemon plant grows in hot areas. Lemon plant is available in small to large sizes.

The plant requires a moderate temperature around 30 degrees. For this the amount of water should not be too much. Lemon plant grows more in average rainfall. Lemon plant grows by planting seeds.

Usually the right time to grow lemon plants is in the early months of rain. If lemon is cultivated properly, it can give a good crop. Lakhs of profits can be earned from this.

What are the 10 benefits of lemon?

1) Lemon boosts immunity
People whose immune system is weak, they should drink lemon water daily, this will strengthen their immune system. Drinking lemon water is also beneficial to avoid corona virus.

2) Lemon water helps in reducing weight
If you want to reduce your increased weight, drink lemon water every morning. Along with reducing weight, lemon water flushes out the toxic elements from the body, which also leads to detoxification of the body.

3) Lemon water gives relief from acne
People who have more acne problems should consume lemon water, this will kill the acne-causing bacteria in their body and make the skin glow. You can also use lemon water as a face wash, it removes dead skin and extra oil.

4) Lemonade increases appetite
If you do not feel hungry, drink lemonade. This causes hunger fast.

5) Lemonade is beneficial in kidney stone
If kidney stone is in the early stages, then drinking lemon water will be very beneficial. Lemon water contains natural citrate, which breaks down the stone or prevents it from forming.

6) dizzy head
If you feel dizzy due to stomach gas, if you get round then squeeze lemon in a cup of hot water and give it eight days. Headache will get better soon.

7) Heartburn
Squeeze lemon in 250 grams of cold water and drink it, it provides relief in heartburn and heart palpitations.

8) Bleeding Hemorrhoids
Cut 1 lemon, grind 4 grams of catechu, sprinkle it on the lemon and keep it on the terrace at night, suck both the pieces in the morning. It is a great medicine to stop bleeding. Use 5 days.

9) Eliminate obesity
Squeeze 1 lemon in 250 grams of water and drink it in the mouth. Drinking for two months in summer becomes light.

10) Utilization of Lemon to Get in shape (Lemon for Weight loss)
Because of its acidic nature, lemon doesn’t permit abundance fat to collect in the body, lemon is extremely acidic, its Ph esteem is between 2 – 3, it removes overabundance muscle to fat ratio by dissolving it, lemon Ought to be asked with tepid water. Because of its utilization, the stomach related framework stays sound, the food that has not been gathered in that frame of mind of fat is known.

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