World Heart Day 2022: how to keep heart healthy

World Heart Day 2022: Heart disease is the most common cause of death worldwide. Heart disease has for many years been the leading cause of death in the world, resulting in 187 million deaths annually. There are many reasons for this – high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, air pollution, obesity. The corona pandemic has been heartbreaking for over 5 crore people suffering from heart disease.

World Heart Day 2022

Due to this people suffering from heart disease have to be more careful. World Heart Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness among people about heart diseases and move towards a healthy heart. Let us know when World Heart Day is celebrated (World Heart Day is celebrated on) and what is the theme of World Heart Day 2022 (World Heart Day 2022 Theme):

When is World Heart Day celebrated? (World Heart Day is Celebrated on)

World Heart Day is an annual celebration held on 29 September with the aim of raising public awareness about heart diseases. In the year 1999, the World Heart Federation along with the World Health Organization announced the establishment of World Heart Day. The idea of ​​this annual event was given by Antoine Bayes de Luna, who was the President of the World Heart Federation from 1997 to 1999. World Heart Day was originally celebrated on the last Sunday of September until 2011. First it was celebrated in the year 2000 on 24th September.

World Heart Day 2022 Theme

The theme of World Heart Day in the year 2021 was: “Use Heart to Connect”. That is, use the heart to connect with each other in the difficult times of the corona epidemic. Still the cases of corona have not decreased. The healthcare crisis we are all going through today has highlighted the urgent need to find different and innovative ways to connect people with heart health, especially in areas and communities with less resources.

“Use Heart to Connect” means using your knowledge, compassion and influence properly to live a good life with a healthy heart for yourself, your loved one and the community. We have to make sure that we are taking proper care of our heart and it is getting enough nourishment and this was the theme of last year’s theme to harness digital power to connect every heart everywhere, with this campaign.

World Heart Day 2022 Theme : “Use Heart For Every Heart”

World Heart Day is an opportunity for everyone to consider how to best use the heart for humanity, nature and oneself. This year’s theme “Use Heart for Every Heart” is focusing on this.

“Use Heart” means “to think differently”. take the right decision act with courage helping others Heart is the only organ you can hear and feel. It has the ability to keep us all united.

“For Every Heart” focuses on bringing this theme to the masses, making the World Heart Day message for every heart which means reaching as many individuals as possible to help achieve cardiovascular health. arrived.

What is heart disease (World Heart Day 2022)

Cardiovascular disease is a class of diseases that affect the heart or blood vessels (veins and arteries). Of the many causes of death in the world, CVD (heart disease) accounts for the largest number of deaths. 85% of these deaths are due to coronary heart disease (eg heart attack) and cerebrovascular diseases (eg stroke).

Know about your heart on World Heart Day (Things to Know this World Heart Day 2022)
The heart is the size of a fist and is the strongest muscle in the body.
The heart starts beating three weeks after a baby enters the womb.
If a person lived for 70 years, his heart would have beat about 2.5 billion times.
With each heartbeat, the heart pumps blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body.
The heart beats about 1 lakh times per day and pumps 7500 liters of blood.

But a strong and effective heart can be weakened by habits and risk factors such as smoking, tobacco use, eating an unhealthy diet or being under stress. Along with this, other physical factors including diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol also cause weakening of the heart. Family history, ethnic background, gender and age also affect a person’s risk of heart disease.

What to do for a healthy heart.

According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of heart attacks and strokes are preventable. As already mentioned that most of the deaths due to heart diseases are due to reasons like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity which can be prevented or controlled through healthy diet, regular exercise and diet.

  • Take healthy and balanced diet.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Do not use tobacco
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Check cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar regularly.
  • Take your medicine as prescribed.

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